The School Library Learning Commons - Future Forward
The School Library Learning Commons is a participatory learning community with attention to excellent instructional designs and use of best resources and technologies to help learners build personal expertise and collaborative knowledge. Everyone wins in this active learning environment where both students and teachers get better and better and whole school improvement is a natural outcome.

We propose a dual approach to the design of learning activities here in the rich physical and virtual learning commons environments where self-directed discovery learning provides empowerment for learners and runs parallel to cotaught project based learning of rich collaborative knowledge building and literacy experiences.

This framework provides a both/and solution to the problem of fixed/flex schedules for elementary schools and a catalyst for innovation for secondary schools while ensuring that the learning commons is always responsive and sustainable. 

Discovery and project learning can operate simultaneously providing autonomy to learners as designers of their own learning.

Because experimentation with new learning techniques, resources and technologies is natural in the work of the learning commons we find that professional learning and consequently whole school improvement are key outcomes of the framework.

So What Is This Website All About?

David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin have created this website to inform, challenge, and provide many resources to teacher librarians, school administrators, and classroom teachers who want to transform their traditional school libraries into Library Learning Commons.  Probe the many subpages on the left sidebar and at the top for a plethora of ideas, and resources.

Keeping Connected

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  • Search using other curation tools such as Pinterest for new ideas  We found a great number of useful things by searching for school library learning commons, inquiry, makerspaces, and creativity.
  • Archived presentations you can use.  Check out the many slide presentations that Carol and David have used and you are welcome to copy any of the individual ideas and slides. At:  https://sites.google.com/site/schoollearningcommons/presentations
  • Download the poster featured on this page and display it in the physical and virtual library learning commons to highlight participatory learning experiences of your program. Find the poster and a matching badge in PDF at the bottom of Resources to Explore.