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This Learning Commons website is a companion site to the second edition of our book: The New Learning Commons Where Learners Win! by David V. Loertscher, Carol Koechlin, Sandi Zwaan and Esther Rosenfeld. Learning Commons Press, 2011.  It along with other resources can be found at


Presentations, events, new publications, and other developments connected to the growth and development of the learning commons concept anywhere in the world.

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  • Online Exclusive Feature: “Climbing to Excellence—Defining Characteristics of Successful Learning Commons” by David V. Loertscher and Carol Koechlin

Upcoming Presentations:
  • August 8 -13, 2014 The Virtual Learning Commons and Knowledge Building Models, by Loertscher and Koechlin at SLAV, Melbourne, Australia.
  • January 29-30, 2014 Knowledge Building Centers and Quick Moocs: With You in Charge by Loertscher and Koechlin at the OLA Super Conference, Toronto, Canada.
Other News:
  • May 29 - June 1, 2014 TMC3 in Victoria, British Columbia
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