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Collaboration and Coteaching

The establishment of the Learning Commons as a collaborative community of learners opens the door for the reinvention of instruction and learning experiences and, consequently, for effective school improvement. In the Learning Commons we experience many types and layers of collaboration, with everyone working together to analyze and improve teaching and learning for all. 
The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win! Loertscher, Koechlin and Zwaan

Theory, Research and More

Article: Dr. Ross Todd of Rutgers University provides a foundational and theoretical essay on the power of the classroom teacher coteaching alongside the teacher librarian. The full article is attached at the bottom of this page. (Originally published in Teacher Librarian)

Research Article: Dr. David Loertscher reports on his analysis of 12 schools in the U.s. that participated in comparing learning experiences taught by classroom teachers alone and learning experiences cotaght by teachers and teacher librarians. The power of coteaching over isolated teaching is explored and the emphasis and recommendation is for administrators to replacte this type of research in their own schools in order to collect evidence of effectiveness. The article is attached at the bottom of the page titled "Loertscher Article on Coteaching." (Originally published in Teacher Librarian)

Research Article: Dr. Keith Curry Lance and team report on research of collaboration between teachers and teacher librarians in a major research  project. The article is attached at the bottom of the page beginning with the word: Lance...  
(Originally published in Teacher Librarian)

Collection of Articles: David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin collected articles from over five years of the publication of Teacher Librarian that cover many aspects of theory, research, best practice and examples of super learning experiences cotaught in the Library Learning Commons. The book is published by Teacher Librarian Press and is available ISBN: 9781617510328.  Available from or

Research bank: Check out this treasury and interesting way of curating educational research that touches on many aspects of teaching and learning encapsulated in the concept of a library learning commons at:

Video: Fixed/Flex Schedule by Dr David Loertscher

YouTube Video

Webinar : Dr David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin

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Pathway to Coteaching Excellence 
in the Learning Commons

Controlled – isolated approach - everyone working on their own agendas often without knowledge of each other’s talents and expertise 

Connected – outreach approach – teacher sends students to the library for resources and teacher librarian pulls together resources to send to the classroom 

Cooperative - invitational approach - Teacher invites teacher-librarian to add value to teacher’s assignment (e.g. teaching search skills) or teacher-librarian develops an invitational lesson (e.g. providing book talks) 

Collaborative – deliberate approach – Both teachers partner to co-design, teach and assess a learning experience that infuses high think, information literacy and technology boosts. 

Creative Co-teaching – responsive approach – all teachers and specialist work together in the learning commons to provide self directed discovery and project learning experiences that are in tune with evolving technology opportunities, knowledge environments and learner’s interests and needs.

LIIITE Model : What today's Teacher Librarians add to cotaught learning experiences. 

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