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Technologies to Boost Learning

Poster: The Apps Wizard reminds learners of all ages that they need to be equipped and skilled users of the many technological tools that are now so plentiful in creating, learning, building, and learning.  The poster can be downloaded and printed at:

Best Tech Tools. Each year, AASL issues a list of the best websites and tech tools for teaching and learning.  Here is a sample list:

Best Tech Tools Bib: Here is Sylvia Martinez's list of the best tools she found at the ISTE conference in Denver, Summer, 2016:

Tech Tools: One of the best ways to keep up on trends and tools is the well-known Free Technology for Teachers website at:

Assessment of Technology: Advice from a pro about measuring the impact of technology on learning, particularly for at risk kids and teens at:

Don't Forget the SAMR Model

The research on the use of technology is not often in the positive results category because too many teachers just do the same thing they did without tech but now using tec. The research over fifty years from the use of AV to technology most often results in significant difference.   Listen and learn from the SAMR model inventor Reuben Puentadora about how to change this at one of his many YouTube talks, this one just one example:

Create a Virtual Makerspace

Download this free Symbaloo webmix at: and make it your virtual makerspace alongside your physical one.  Over fifty tools for the various grade levels encourage young people to build, create, invent, and do wonderful things in a virtual environment available 24/7.

Locate and Try the bes Coding Programs

This list of a few free tools that help kids code is one of many such lists and resources.  Have kids and teens select the best of the best.  This list is at: