What's it all about?

“Thus, we have proposed that the learning commons serve a unique purpose in the school as a bridge between educational philosophy being practiced and the real world. As such, the learning commons serves school curriculum but also is known as a place for experimenting, playing, making, doing, thinking, collaborating, and growing. For example, it may be the only place in the school where the networks are open; it may be the place where clients are experimenting with the latest 3-D printer; it may be the virtual hub of school activities. Although the learning commons will look and feel different in every school, it must be the center of inquiry, digital citizenship, project-based learning, collaborative intelligence, advanced literacy as well as the center of creating, performing, and sharing. It will sometimes take on a role as “third space,” neither home nor school. It is the place young people love—their space.”

Loertscher and Koechlin Climbing to Excellence—Defining Characteristics of Successful Learning Commons

Imagine the Possibilities

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Celebrating the transitions

Celebrating the Transformation of School Libraries and Computer Labs into a Learning Commons

The Future

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Making it Real

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Start a Revolution

Start a Revolution: Build a participatory learning commons culture