Key Elements of Success

Key Elements of the School Library Learning Commons:
  • A collaborative physical and virtual environment that invites and ignites participatory learning.

  • A responsive dynamic that is invested in school-wide improvement through an evidence-based process of design, modify, rethink, redesign, and rework.

  • Professionals who can lead out front, or lead from the middle, or push from behind are great candidates to head a learning commons.

  • The work of the learning commons is participatory learning through attention to excellent instructional design, using best resources and technologies and building personal expertise and collaborative knowledge.

Our newest Learning Commons publications follow this framework for success and offer many strategies and examples for each indicator.

Indicators of Successful Learning Commons Growth:

  • Dedication to Learning in a Commons Environment
  • Access to Flexible Learning Environments 24/7
  • Merger of Library, Computer Lab, and Makerspace
  • Networked Materials, Information, and Technology that Boost Learning
  • Mentoring of Inquiry, Discovery, and Self-Directed Learning
  • Experiences Designed to Create as well as Consume Knowledge
  • Showcase of Literacy, Learning, and Excellence
  • Coteaching and Collaboration Are Center Stage
  • Led by Teaching Specialists and Support Personnel
  • Catalyst of Professional Learning and Experimentation
  • Center of School Culture and Personal Growth
  • “Owned” and “Grown” by the School Community

Carol Koechlin,
Aug 15, 2016, 6:15 AM